My editing portfolio consists of a few videos for various clients within different fields. Recently I worked on AMC's Shudder Animated Special for their series Creepshow as the editor. On the heels of having been an Academy Gold Intern, I was asked to not only edit a short film however also one of the closing ceremony videos. In addition to previously being a contracted employee for two years at HomeSweetHome Productions, which included daily tasks of coloring, scoring and cutting together videos of real estate properties, three of which are shown above. Furthermore, I have added a few videos  that I've cut together for CSUN's competitive dance team, Fasa Modern, including a fundraising video (Videography of the dialogue within the RallyAroundUs Project is also credited to me). Towards the end I've decided to include a video I edited at the age of 17 in India for a non-profit organization, completed solely on an iPhone given the absence of the proper technological software in the country.