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Hey! Thank you for checking out my site and as a little background on me:

I graduated with my B.A in Film Production (Editing Emphasis) at Cal State Northridge. I am proud to say that I have officially completed a fellowship through the Universal Animation Writer's Program.  I am also an Academy Gold Alum (sponsored by AMPAS), and was named a Hollywood Foreign Press Association Scholar and Fellow during my time at CSUN. 


Currently, I'm finishing up my first short film entitled "Home" which will make it's debut in Fall 2022. I am currently in the works of writing a feature and two new short films, which I eventually hope to acquire funding to film.


In addition to my passion for filmmaking, I am also a dancer. With a small background in competitive studio dancing as a high schooler, I continued on dancing in college. I have danced for the esteemed Lab Creative Arts Studio, and completed 5 semesters on CSUN's competitive hip hop team, Fasmode, as a Vice President. More recently I coached the Granada Hills Charter High School competitive Dance Team for a year. 

My hobbies include dancing, hanging out with friends, reading and drawing. I am multilingual with a fluent knowledge of French and English, a working knowledge of German and an understanding of Hungarian. I can speak bits of "nerd", as I am one , being obsessed with Harry Potter, animation, and various video games (mainly Overwatch).  I do dabble in a bit of freelance photography whenever I have the time and love traveling as I used to volunteer internationally as a high schooler . Send me a message if you're interested in working with me or just want to say hi :) 

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